Leather Oven Mitts Pair of Oven Gloves Pot Holders - V2

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  • 100% Real Leather 
  • Durable and Flexible Design
  • Soft Lining for Comfortable Fit
  • More Heat Protection than Fabric Oven Mitts
  • Exclusive Design

Exclusive leather oven mitts pair from One Leaf. Made from full grain leather, these stylish pot holders are the perfect accessory for all chefs and cooks. Suitable for use at home or in a restaurant kitchen, they offer a high level of protection when using hot pans, trays, and other cookware.

Stylish and durable, these leather oven gloves are available in one size, and feature a soft cotton lining for extra comfort. Design for individuals with regular sized hands, the leather is flexible and durable and allows the wearer to retain hand movement. 

As when doing any activities around heat sources it is essential to use caution. Although these leather oven mitts offer greater heat protection than regular fabric designs, excessive use or incorrect use can result in hands being burnt. Use sensibly and this design can provide many years of service without any issues. 

Please note that as these pot holders are made from real leather, they will develop marks over time. Returns are only available if unused. 

Length - 12.5” (32cm)