Leather Holster Bag for Travelling Festivals Bikers Underarm Holster Cross Body Bag Adjustable Fit - Black

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  • Real Leather 
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Two Zipper Pockets
  • Two Sleeve Pockets
  • Suitable for Travel or Festivals

This One Leaf underarm holster bag is an extremely versatile accessory. The design is double sided and offers security for your most important possessions when travelling, going to a bar, visiting a festival, attending a big sports event, or riding a motorbike.

Each of the two main compartments is closed with a zipper. These pockets measure 7.0" x 4.0" x 1.0" which is large enough for most phones as well as other items such as wallets, lighters, cash, and keys. There is also a sleeve pocket on each side and these are 5" x 4".

To help ensure that these leather holsters fit well they have been designed to be adjustable under the arm as well as across the back. You can choose how high and loose to wear them. Its a cross body bag suitable for men but can also be worn by women.