Florists Belt Leather Tool Belt For Gardening v1

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  • Florists and Gardeners Utility Tool Belt
  • High Grade Leather 
  • 30" - 43" Adjustable Waist Belt
  • Three Tool Sleeves plus Zipper Pocket

Our new florist's belt is a great choice for individuals who spend time pruning and cutting flowers. It's also a gardening tool belt as its versatile design is well suited to use outdoors.

Crafted from high grade leather, it's a utility belt that can be used by both women and men. The actual belt is adjustable to fit waist sizes 30" - 43". 

Featuring four pockets, it can easily hold a variety of tools and personal items. 

Pocket sizes are as follows:

Pocket #1 with zip: 8.5" - 6.0"
Pocket #2: 6.0" - 3.5"
Pocket #3: 6.0" - 3.5"
Pocket #4: 8.0" - 4.0"